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HIRSKA community

Kyiv region

 Who we are?

Hirska community is located in Boryspil district, 15 km from Kyiv. The community includes 4 villages with the center in Hora. The area of the community is 6 082 ha.

Population: 7 448

women: 3 822  (children under 18: 491)

men: 3 135  (internally displaced persons: 950)


Informational referenceVillage Head Roman Dmytriv, 47 years old, has been managing the Community since 2015.

Ambitious, decisive, goal-oriented, competent manager and authoritative leader who enjoys respect and trust among residents.

During the war, in addition to performing official duties, he organized a powerful volunteer movement to help the defenders of Ukraine, sending cars, military ammunition, and food products to the front.



The trends of the economic development of the Hirska community are shaped by the factor of proximity to Kyiv – reasonable location of industries, pendulum migration of the population.

Boryspil International Airport is located on the territory of the Community – the main and largest passenger international airport of Ukraine.

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The construction industry, industry and the service sector are mainly developing in the Community. In particular, enterprises operating in the territory of the Hirska Community: design and construction of helicopters, multi-purpose aircraft, aircraft engines and automated control systems (NTK Horizont LLC Company), production of equipment for gas stations, fuel storage tanks (SHELF Research and Production Company) , design, production and construction of energy-efficient frame-panel houses and cottages (Deltahouse Company), representative offices of major auto retailers LLC “NIKO” and LLC “BAVARIA UKRAINE”. Currently, there are several enterprises relocated from the occupied territories of Ukraine on the territory of the Community: production of ceramic masses of various composition and types (Company “Ceramic Masses of Donbass”), production of transformer substations and other electrical equipment (Energy Group).


The education system of the Hirska Community is represented by seven preschool and general secondary education institutions, an out-of-school education institution, and an inclusive resource center. In 2020, the construction of a school for 600 students in the Hora village began.

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The Community has 2 libraries, 2 cultural centeres. The activities of the department of culture and sports ensure the effective operation of cultural institutions, the holding of mass cultural events, in particular, the United Volleyball Championship among women’s teams, a basketball cup, a mini-football championship, an athletics cup, and a paintball tournament are held.

Much attention in the Community is paid to socially vulnerable sections of the population, in particular, there is a shelter for elderly patients with a range of social services, the only shelter in the Boryspil district for victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence has been created.


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The Community has a formed understanding of its own responsibility for creating a favorable microclimate for business and residence, therefore, in February 2022, the development strategy for 2023-2030 has been started. Having analyzed and compared the national development strategy and our own needs, we highlight the following main development priorities:



  1. Creating a favorable business climate by developing infrastructure: increasing the capacity of power grids, water supply and drainage networks, expanding the road map.
  2. Movement in the direction of an environment safe for life and health, through the introduction of green energy, energy efficiency tools, reducing the volume of waste disposal through sorting and recycling.
  3. Development of social infrastructure with an emphasis on creating a safe environment and the absence of any discrimination, ensuring equal treatment for everyone, but creating special conditions for people with special needs.


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The Hirska Community was not in the zone of active hostilities, but the military unit was destroyed and the airport damaged by rocket attacks on the territory of the Community. From the first day, the administration and residents of the Community do not stand aside, but make every effort to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A school bus, two trucks were transferred from the property of the Hirska Community for the needs of the army, and 20 cars and various equipment were already purchased and handed over to the armed forces with the funds regularly collected by the residents of the Community.

In order to systematize and increase the effectiveness of the initiatives of the residents of the Hirska Community and local self-government bodies, aimed at supporting the Defense Forces of Ukraine and the development of public space in the conditions of war, a public organization was created.

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